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a Production Company

What is a Production Company exactly?

a company responsible for the development and physical production of projects that involve the performing arts, film, or a television program.

and a Producer?

someone who creates the conditions for making said projects.

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Executive Producer

Supervises one or more projects at a time. Typically handles business and legal issues, but no technical issues on a project.


One who supervises and controls the finances, creation, and public presentation of a play, film, program, or similar work.

Line Producer

A line producer is a key member of the production team for a motion picture. Typically, a line producer manages the budget of a motion picture. Alternatively, or in addition, they may manage the day to day physical aspects of the film production, serving a role similar to the unit production manager. Line producers usually do not act as part of the creative team for a picture. Because line producers work on location, they don't work on more than one film at a time.

Unit Production Manager

A Unit Production Manager (UPM) is an executive who is responsible for the administration of a film.

Associate Producer

An Associate Producer usually acts as a representative of the Producer, who may share financial, creative, or administrative responsibilities, delegated from that producer. Often, a title granted as a courtesy or to one who made a major financial or creative contribution to the production.

Assistant Producer

An Assistant Producer Usually works under the direction of the Associate Producer.

Production Coordinator

The Production Coordinator controls and manages the flow of information between the various components of a film project to provide all the required components within the time frame needed. This means that the production coordinator makes sure all necessary equipment and materials are on site at the right times, that staff and crews are in place and have everything they need to work, actors and actresses have their contracts signed and are on site, and all accommodations for the crew and cast are provided.

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