The Outer Bands...
a Production Company

What is a Production Company exactly?

a company responsible for the development and physical production of projects that involve the performing arts, film, or a television program.

and a Producer?

someone who creates the conditions for making said projects.

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The Outer Bands
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We do web stuff. We make it pretty. We make it easy to find. We make it work.

We do music stuff. We make it sound good. We make put it on a cool disc thingy. Then we market it to your fans.

We make pretty moving pictures. Some are funny. Some are sad. Some are educational. We have the experience to make your production on time and on budget.

Need some organizaton? How about an organization? Do you have an unusal idea for a project? Don't sweat it, we live outside the box.

Our Producers have organized a wide variety of events. From corporate celebrations with 85,000 of your closest friends to multi-day events featuring hundreds of bands, we bring experience to the table.

One of our hourly services is Online Marketing. We use only white hat techniques and organically get your website a high Search Engine Result.

With critical experience in network design and installation, The Outer Bands can simplify your life. IP Camera Systems. Computer Setup. Tech Support. Webmaster.

Encompassing digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies, The Outer Bands can create your New Media and your Digital Portfolio.

Production Staff - Every event or production needs experienced staff. The Outer Bands has that experience to coordinate any sized event or production.

Welcome to our Studio

You have reached The Outer Bands!

The Outer Bands is a Production Company based in Gainesville, Florida, specializing in Film, Music & New Media. To be more specific, TOB is a collection of experienced Producers using a local creative syndicate of freelancers to bring you the quality and results you are looking for.

At the begining of your project, you will be assigned a Producer who will be your point person from start to finish. They will establish the key elements of your project and then build a team to best suite your needs. Bringing you high value with a reasonable budget.

Your Creative Team is waiting to assist you in developing your project.

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